Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beauty Review: Benefit How to Look the Best At Everything

So I had a job interview this weekend so for it I decided to buy some new makeup!! Or at least that was my excuse…

After travelling around boots about 3 times I finally decided on this little piece by Benefit. I absolutely love buying these little packs – it’s the perfect way to try new products and they're all so tiny and cute! In this pack there was their Porefessional Primer, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, 2 sets of Boing Concealer, and a pressed powder called Hello Flawless.

Porefessional Primer – This. Is. Amazing. Its pretty thick when applying, which I personally think is fab – too often I buy a primer and they’re just like water, meaning I have to wait forever before I can apply foundation. This primer goes on quite matte as well which is a plus in my books. It says on the "tips and tricks" to reduce shine through the day just dab a bit more of the primer on top, added bonus! Definitely about to become a regular in my makeup bag.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation – I’m very sad to say that this was less amazing. Don’t get me wrong when I applied it, it definitely gave me a healthy glow, but in a foundation I like a bit more coverage, after wearing for half the day I had to reapply. I feel like this foundation would maybe be better in summer time when I like to wear a foundation that is lighter on my skin, but in winter I need something more durable.

Boing Concealer – I wasn’t too excited about this, I am a big believer in the Collection concealer and trying something new felt adulterous. I have been pleasantly surprised with this concealer however, it definitely gave a good coverage and even managed to cover some of my more pesky spots. The downside to this concealer however is that they give you two colours. Now I do understand that not everyone will suit one colour, but as I am far far far too pale to use the darker one – it just seems like a bit of a waste - especially as the difference between the two colours is so massive!

Hello Flawless Powder – I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t blown away by this powder. I guess it does what it should, set my makeup okay and took away a bit of shine, but I don’t know, I think I just expected more. It felt very dusty almost on my face, so every time my nose itched my hands felt like they had been coated with talcum powder.

Left to right: Hello Flawless Pressed Powder, Medium Boing Concealer (02), Light Boing Concealer (01), Hello Oxygen Foundation.

Overall I think this pack was a good way to try out some new products for one of my favourite brands. Although I may give the concealers and powder a miss next time I will definitely be buying the primer again, and I may try the foundation again in summer!

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