Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Review

Recently due to stress/hormones/being lazy with my skin I have been having so so so many breakouts. Like ridiculous amounts – and me being the grim bean that I am I don’t treat these spots or let them go away on their own. I am a squeezer. I know it’s basically the worst thing that you can do for your skin but I just can’t help it. It’s subconscious.

So off I travelled to my favourite beauty shop Lush. Obviously as soon as I walked in my eyes lit up, I do love it in there. After chatting to one of the nicest shop assistants that I have ever met (honestly she was just lovely) I was recommended to buy the Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask. Now it didn’t look the prettiest, to be honest it looked like porridge, but the assistant assured me that it would seriously help my skin.

ALSO one of the reasons why I loved this lady was she gave me samples! I love samples, I just think they’re so exciting and generally last me a while so I can really try a new product, but more on those later.

I was told to cleanse my face before putting on this mask, so I went home cleansed my face within an inch of its life and applied it. One of the main ingredients in this is tea tree oil, and you could definitely tell, it smelt so strong. I personally quite like the smell because to me it reminds me of being clean and fresh, but if you cannot stand the smell I wouldn’t recommend this product for you.

The instructions on the pack said to leave on for 5-10 minutes, so as my face was in need for a deep clean I left it on for 10. As the mask dried it did start to itch a little bit, which as my skin is very sensitive doesn’t surprise me, so I will probably leave it on for a little less time next time.

When I washed this mask off, I just put a little bit of warm water on my face, which made this mask into more of a paste again. As there was an exfoliant in this it allowed me to do a quick exfoliation as well. After washing it off, I have to say my skin looked absolutely amazing.

I just think Lush has got it so right, all natural products has to be the way to go – all those harsh chemicals in other brands really irritate my skin. I think definitely use this product if you’re having problems with a breakout or if your skin needs a good cleanse – for me it definitely worked!

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