Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The First Post

Hellooooooo! I doubt anyone will actually ever see or read this but on the off chance that anyone does stumble across this page WELCOME TO MY BLOG. Really I just wanted to start this as a little outlet for me, with being at uni and working, I needed something that I can spend time on that is just mine.

So the reason why I’ve picked today to post and not earlier (I’ve been thinking about this for a while) is I’ve been super busy at university studying for my degree. It is literally so much work – being a student is actually not that easy!

I’ve just had my first exam of second year – where the mark actually goes towards our final grade (scary…) so to reward myself afterwards I treated myself to a proper cup of tea and a brownie from my all time favourite place, Quilliam Brothers in Newcastle. I love love love this place, it’s so quaint and feels like such a family run atmosphere even though it’s all students. They also have so many flavours of tea; I have thought about trying them all but it would probably take longer than my degree…

My personal favourites are the Orange Blossom Oolong tea and the Caramel Brownie – but today I went for one called Hazelnut Brittle – which was so yummy it tasted like really milky Nutella (I know that does sound strange). Also what I like about this place is that they give you a little pot of honey instead of sugar, so good!

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