Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Better Than Naked?

Could it be? Something that could actually rival or even be better than the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? I feel naughty just typing that.

Coastal Scents is an American brand – probably best known for their massive eye palettes – I think there are ones that are like 88 colours, madness! After seeing this on a couple of Youtube videos I decided to check it out and after searching through several websites that I was a bit unsure of – I managed to find one on Amazon. 

At £25 this palette reeked of too good to be true – but I must say I have been very pleasantly shocked. The colours are so well pigmented and feel lovely and high end, compared to other palettes I’ve seen around the same price this is definitely the best of the lot. Inside are 20 colours, all resembling that of Naked 1&2 palettes. The colours are a great mix of neutrals, with both matte and shimmery shades – great for building up colour – and have amazing staying power for the price. I loved this palette so much I featured it in my January Favourites (here)!

Coastal Scents haven’t named the colours in this palette, but I’ve swatched them here in order going from left to right starting at the top! You can probably see from this picture that the lighter colours are indeed very light and not as pigmented as the darker ones - but that may just be because it matches my ridiculously pale skin...

If you’re looking for a brilliant high-end eye shadow but without that major high-end price tag – definitely check this out!

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