Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Introducing the Jam Jar!

I have been at university for a year and a half now –and I genuinely don’t think I know anything about my city other than where to find the friendliest takeaway at 3am and where to find the sales racks in Primark (but seriously what student doesn’t know that?). Newcastle is not only the best place for nightlife in the country, but it has such an amazing culture too and I feel stupid for not experiencing it being in second year – but its not too late to start.

As a way to rectify my lack of culture – my amazing housemate and I came up with the Jam Jar (we didn’t come up with it but this is our version). We’ve written down a bunch of things that we want to do over the next 18 months (by the time I finish uni), folded them up, and stuffed them in a jar. Every now and again when I have a day where I feel a bit sluggish or meh – I will pick out an activity and go for it!

The jar has all sorts in it – from cooking fancy meals to making dens, going on city trips to visiting museums and markets. Really what I want this jar to do is make me take advantage of all that Newcastle has to offer and make the most of my last year and a bit at university.

If anyone has anything that I can add pop a comment below!

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