Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pampering Nights

It’s the start of my uni Easter holidays – and do you know what? I need a pamper night. Honestly, uni this year has taken such a toll on me mentally, the work is insanely hard – much harder than I ever thought it would be – and I don’t know if this is just my degree or if it’s the same for everyone, but the competition on my course makes my head spin in 360 degrees every five minutes. When things get too much – like they have done recently – I think I need to take a good hour or two and really take some time to repair my mental strength.

Enter – the pamper evening.


I know it might seem trivial to some people. Why after stressing myself out for months would putting some bubbles in water make that any better? But strangely it does. I cannot explain it, but it does.

For my pamper evening I used; Lush Bath Ballistic in Phoenix Rising; Lush Ultrabland Cleanser (review here); Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover; Balance Me Radiance Face Mask; Clinique Moisture Surge Day Cream. Then to actually clean myself rather than treat myself I used; Head and Shoulders 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner; Vera Wang Bejewelled Shower Crème; and Argan Oil Hair Mask.

I started my evening by removing my makeup with Lush Ultrabland while I started to run my bath – it is still my absolute favourite for really cleaning my skin and getting my makeup off. Afterwards I used the Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover by Clinique to just get off any left over eye makeup off – to avoid those pesky panda eyes.

I dropped in my Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, which made the bath go an insanely cool pinky purple colour, and lit my favourite candles. The ones I usually use are the Jelly Belly Bubble gum one and my Ted Baker Candle. I’m not actually too sure where this other purple flowery one appeared from but it looks cute so I threw it in there. While in the bath I used the Vera Wang Shower Crème and took some time to do things one does in the bath. Shaved my legs, mimed along to Sia’s new album, pretended I was a mermaid – normal stuff.

Since I was getting a bit claustrophobic in the bath – all that mermaidness – I decided to get out and wash my hair. I was at home this weekend and since when I’m home its usually just my dad and me, we only had man shampoo – typical.  But I actually really liked the way this made my hair feel in the roots, much more nourished than my usual shampoo – I may keep this and see how it goes! After some digging in my bathroom I also uncovered this hair mask – I’m pretty sure its quite old – but to be honest it did the job!

As an extra treat I applied the Balance Me Radiance Face mask – I got this in the most recent Glamour magazine and am still trying it out before I review it properly, but it seemed to really brighten and hydrate my skin. Finally I just applied a little bit of my daily moisturiser, Clinique Moisture Surge, to give my skin a little bit of a boost.

As a really lovely end to my pamper evening, I made myself a big old mug of Malteaser hot chocolate – not as good as Mars but it is still pretty yummy – and whacked on gossip girl whilst snuggling into bed.

So there’s my pamper evening, short, sweet but amazing. What’s your favourite way to unwind?

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