Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing this little lovely from Balance Me. I got this sample in a promotion by Glamour Magazine and featured this recently when I was trying it out in my Pampering Essentials, so keep on reading for the full review!

A bit about Balance Me; it was started in 2005 by British sisters. Today they have built a great brand, using natural ingredients and essential oils to provide skin care that can be accessible by everyone. The company promises a natural product, not containing Parabens or Sulphates which are known to be irritating to the skin. They also don’t test on animals which is great for any skincare company to commit to – but they take it another step by committing to not distribute to any countries where animal testing is compulsory.

This little face mask comes in a miniature version of the real thing – 30ml instead of the usual 75ml. It’s a pretty good promotion by Glamour to be honest, you get the 30ml face mask, or a choice of other Balance Me products including; Body Wash, Face Wash or Lip Salve; plus the magazine for only £2! If you did miss the deal and want a smaller version of this product, it is available on the balance me website at £4.50 for the 15ml.

The front of this bottle boats a 98% natural rating and is suitable for all skin types. On the back of this bottle it quotes that this is “a triple action face mask with kaolin clay, gently polishing walnut shells and fruit acids designed to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten skin.” It instructs to “Smooth over face; leave for up to five minutes before removing with a damp cotton cloth” – I'm not going to lie, I used a flannel, I don’t think it impaired the product.

I'm going to start off this review by saying that one of my favourite things about this face mask is the smell. It’s the first thing that I do when I try out a new product; smell it (I am slightly strange). Its one of those things; especially with a face mask that is a pamper product, if it smells good I want to use it so much more. This smells awesome; it smells so fresh and natural. I had a look at the ingredients used in this product and it contains aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, rose geranium as well as many other ingredients that make it smell so good.

This face mask goes on as more of a cream than a clay mask, which to be perfectly honest I prefer a clay mask, but this cream is very good! The aloe vera makes the skin feel soothed, while the walnut shells mildly exfoliate the skin. It's a bit of a strange feeling having a face mask with shells in, it almost feels bitty putting it on. When you leave the mask on for the 5 minutes, obviously depending on how thick a layer you put on, it sort of semi-dries on your skin. Then when you use a warm cloth (or flannel) to wash it off, the warm water softens the cream again and comes off pretty easily, with the shells giving another gentle exfoliation.

Overall, when I used this product, after leaving on for only five minutes, my skin felt refreshed and squeaky clean. I did have to use a moisturiser after I used this, as I found with this and so many other masks that when they're so deep cleaning they tend to dry out my skin and leave it feeling a little bit tight. But this just kind of shows how deep this got through my skin and how clean it felt afterwards.

This face mask has fast become a big player in my skin routine, I will be slightly gutted when this bottle runs out, but not to worry ill just have to go out and buy more!

What're your summer pamper essentials? 
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