Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kiko Haul

I have read so many rave review of Kiko recently, and as if by some divine intervention, when I was in Leeds the other day on my way to the train station, I happened to walk by one. It would’ve been a crime not to pop in… Wouldn’t it?

Kiko was established in 1997, in Italy. Today it is a cutting edge brand, which is committed to making women feel like they can have the best products, no matter their budget (whoop!) Their cosmetics are hypoallergenic, and are non-comedogenic and are opthalmologically tested. Living in Newcastle, my closest store is in Leeds (thankfully where I live in the holidays), disappointingly Leeds is the only Northern store (boo). If you live near Oxford, Cambridge or London there are 7 stores in that area, as well as the stores online.

I am on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. I’ll admit that now. I tend to find however that because I naturally have quite bright lips (strange thing to say), finding a nude that is perfect for me is bloody difficult. I lust after the nudes of Kylie Jenner, because I’m never going to be able to pull off those perfect brown nudey colours. sobs into duvet

At Kiko I continued on my quest, picking up 3 lip shades. The Velvet Matte in shade 613 Pink Carnation; The Smart Lipstick in shade 913 Rosewood (yes I chose this because of PLL); and the Kiss Balm in shade 06 Blackberry. The kiss balm kind of fell into my basket as an after thought, so I didn’t actually pay too much attention to the colour, but I’m glad to find out that fate picked very well for me. The reason I ended up with the kiss balm is, while I was in the Leeds store, Kiko had a promotion where (if it wasn’t already cheap enough) if you bought 2 skin care products, you received a free kiss balm – worth £5.90. I was already buying a Micellar Cleansing Water – I am determined to find one that I like – so I thought, screw it, free lip balm, and bought the Energy Face Mask too.

From first impressions these lipsticks are amazing. I’ve had a cheeky wear of the matte lipstick, and its so nourishing on your lips with such great staying power. The kiss balm as well is such a lovely colour, and really moisturises my lips. I haven’t tried the Smart Lipstick yet, but I cant wait to try it out!

One thing that I’m excited about trying is the Micellar water. Not just because of the skin care benefits, but the bottle is so freaking cool! Its like a pump that you can put your cotton pads on, them pump on the product. It’s probably so sad to get this excited about a bottle, but yeah. I’m a sad gal.

So there’s my quick Kiko Makeup and Skincare haul! What do you guys think? Is there anything from Kiko I should try next?

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  1. This is a great post . Loving it ! Need to get my hands on it

    1. Thank you - yes Kiko is awesome you definitely need to go/look online!!xx

  2. I'm jealous! I love Kiko, they have my favorite nude lipstick of all times! I also love the shades you picked, especially shade 913

    1. Ahh me too - which is your favourite??? Aww thank you :) xx