Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wilkinson’s SKIN Range

Today I’m going to be doing a little range review of the skincare range made by Wilkinson’s. If anyone reading this isn’t aware of Wilkinson’s, it’s one of those stores where you can buy pretty much anything, seriously it ranges from gardening tools to Southern Fried Chicken wraps, and its usually pretty discounted in price too. I took a trip to my local Wilko’s in Newcastle, and purchased a few bits.

Wilkinson’s have brought out a couple of skincare ranges, but today I’m going to be reviewing what I would consider some of their most basic skincare line, all costing just 99p. The packaging is understandably simple, but I guess it's what's inside that is important!

The products that I’ve bought are Sensitive skin face wash, Sensitive Skin Moisturiser, Normal/Combination skin Eye Gel, and an Eye Make up remover.

Starting with the face wash, I’m in two minds about this. On the one hand when I used it, I could see that my skin was clean, but as I’ve found when I’ve used a couple of other face washes, it started to burn my skin a little bit. It had quite a soapy consistency – a bit like rubbing hand wash on your face, which makes me think that it’s not that high quality, which is sort of what I expected.

The moisturiser I have been pleasantly surprised with. Its very lightweight on the skin, but it really feels moisturised and smooth throughout the day. Definitely a new part of my morning skincare routine.

I love the eye gel. Just love it. I put it in my April Favourites post a bit ago, gahhh I love it. The texture of this gel is smooth and it glides on easily. Since I’ve been using it I think my eyes have become a lot less puffy and a lot brighter. It’s for Normal/Combination Skin, which I was a bit nervous about because I have very sensitive skin, but I have to say I haven’t had any problems with this at all.

This eye makeup remover I’m also not too sure about. I think for what you pay for it its good value. It just feels really really greasy on my eyes, which I found to be quite a strange experience. It also took a couple of goes to get my make up off, which on a night time is not what I need to be doing if I’m honest, I think I need something that gets it off straight away.

Overall, I think for the extremely cheap price tag, the Wilkinson’s Skincare range is pretty okay. I will definitely be repurchasing the eye gel, but the face wash I think will be pushed to the back of my bathroom cabinet.

So there’s my little review of the Wilkinson’s skincare range, hope you guys liked it! Let me know in the comments below what you think or if there are any skincare ranges I should try!

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  1. Oooh I haven't been in wilkinson's in ages! These sounds pretty good for the price, I really like the sound of the eye gel and moisturiser..

    1. Yeah, they're pretty good, especially considering what you pay for them!xx