Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Morning Skincare Routine

I've been trying to make this post for so long, but I never felt that my skincare routine was just right so I held off for a bit. I mean my routine does change day to day, but I feel like now I’m actually pretty happy with how my skin is looking (apart from the occasional hormonal breakout) so I think now is the right time. 

So at the minute I start work at 8.45, which means I have to get the bus at 7.30 – which means that unfortunately I can’t spend the long time that I would like to on my skin in the morning. I start with some Micellar Water just to give my sking a bit of a brighten. I usually like to use my Ganier one, but unfortunately that has now run out and I keep forgetting to buy a new one so I’m using my KIKO one for now. I like doing this because at night sometimes I don’t get all my make up off (which is such a pain) so I like to just give my skin a quick sweep with my large cotton pads so that I don’t mess up my flannels or anything.

Then I move into the bathroom and I wash my face. I have to be so carefyul when I'm using face wash because I think my skin is either really really sensitive or I'm allergic to something that they put in a lot of face washes because sometimes if I use one too often my skin literally starts to burn off – ew. At the minute I’m using this daily face cleanser and scrub from Clearasil, which has pomegranate and avocado vitamin extracts in it. I really like using this; it’s really helped to clear up my skin a lot and I actually haven’t had a bad reaction to it – yet – which tends to happen more with anti-spot products.

Next I move onto moisturising, and for this I just use my Aldi serum which I featured in a favourites post recently. I still love love love this serum, it’s so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft. I pop this in dots all over my face and rub it in.

So there is my working morning skincare routine. If it’s a weekend or a normal day where I’m not working or have early morning uni then I will probably spend a bit more time on my skincare – sometimes if I really don’t have early uni (sometimes my day starts at 4) then I’ll whack on a mask and make a proper treat of it.

Let me know what skincare products you love in the comments below!
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  1. I've been working on figuring out a skincare routine that I like and works so this was a perfect read! I've been looking for a good morning moisturizer so I might have to check out the Aldi Serum.

    Jenni // The Beautiful Little Fools

    1. Aww thank you so much! Yes it's so good you should definitely try it!

  2. I love reading skincare routine posts, you always find out about new products to try. I love Kiko makeup, however I`ve never tried anything from their skincare range.


    1. You definitely should, I have the Micellar Water and the Energy Mask and I really like them both!!x