Friday, 28 August 2015

10 facts about me

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd write a little 10 facts about me post. I’ve been blogging for the best part of a year, and apart from the occasional snippet, I feel like I haven’t really shared much with anyone that happens to read what I’ve written. The whole point of blogging every day in August was to engage with my blog more – so hopefully this little post will help me to do just that.

-       I was born on the 17th September 1994 (nearly 21!!)
-       My favourite colour is green
-       I have blue eyes
-       In 10 years I would love to be working in Buying (hopefully Beauty or Fashion Buying)
-       My favourite food is mashed potato
-       My favourite drink is a Naked Green Machine Smoothie
-       I live in Leeds
-       I’m both a Dog person AND a Cat person
-       I find tomatoes to be one of the worst things in my life they are gross
-       One of my favourite ways to de-stress is to put on some really loud music and bake (preferably brownies)

So there are my 10 facts about myself – I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know something about yourself in the comments!

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