Wednesday, 26 August 2015

10 thoughts being hung-over at work

Hello everyone! Today has been a very hard day – so I’m going to chat to you all about it. I went out (foolishly) last night fully knowing that I had a long shift at work today. But ahh well, you’re only young once!

I thought for my post today I would share 10 thoughts that I had today while struggling through my shift.

-       Oh god, why have I done this to myself
-       What did I drink last night?
-       Oh please, what didn’t I drink last night
-        I wonder how many packets of crisps I will eat over this shift (the answer was four – I need carbs when I’m hanging)
-       My legs hurt – why did I wear heels when I stand up all day?
-       This is it, I might be dead
-       Right, 3 hours to go, only 180 minutes until I can sleep again
-       I have slept for less hours than I am working – Ruth why do you do this to yourself?
-       FINALLY IT’S OVER, now get me a bed

So there are 10 thoughts that I seem to have every time I go out before a shift. I know it is so irresponsible and I shouldn’t go out before I have work (and I usually don’t) but it was a special occasion and it needed to be done!

What’re your top tips for dealing with a hangover? Let me know in the comments!!

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