Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Passionfruit Dream Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be chatting about this little bath bomb by Bomb Cosmetics – Passionfruit Dream. The other day on my lunch break I was walking around town and stumbled into this little shop selling loads of bomb cosmetic products as well as little bath and candle bits – a very bad combination for my bank balance! Keep reading to see my thoughts.

The very first thing that attracted me to this bath bomb was how fun it looked. It kind of has that home made look, like when children do arts and crafts at school and dump loads of glitter on everything – oh and the fact that it is this gorgeous pink colour. When I had a look at the packaging and saw that it was passion fruit scented, I knew that I had to have it.

When I got home and ran my bath, I took off the packaging to this bath bomb. Sadly however all these silver ball bits flew absolutely everywhere and I had no idea where half of them went. I’m still stepping on at least one every time I venture into the bathroom! Not great, but anyway I went ahead and dropped it in my bath.

One thing that I will say, this bath bomb fizzes so well, and turned my bath a lovely pink colour that I couldn’t wait to get into. However, the remaining silver balls didn’t really dissolve and just floated to the bottom of my bath – which I’m not sure if that was meant to happen? Or maybe they’re just for decoration? I don’t know, but either way, I ended up fishing the remaining ones out before I got in. Another thing that I noticed, is that once the bath bomb had finished fizzing, it seemed to leave a little debris at the bottom of my bath, which did creep me out, a little bit.

The scent that the bath bomb gave my bathroom however was heavenly. Really fruity and sweet and really relaxed me as I got into the bath. Another positive – the bath bomb didn’t stain my skin, which I was half expecting that it would. It did however stain the bath, so if you’re going to use this, try and make sure you’re prepared to give your bath a little scrub down afterwards.

Overall I did enjoy this bath bomb – but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. I think the silver balls just confused the hell out of me, and made the experience a bit less enjoyable. I also don’t really like scrubbing down my bath after I’ve used a bath bomb – it kind of takes away from the whole relaxing-ness of it all.

Have you tried anything from bomb cosmetics before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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