Sunday, 23 August 2015

Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be chatting about this little lovely by Emporio Armani. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this perfume.

So my dad and step mum have recently been away on a lovely 2-week break. While it was lovely to have the house to ourselves for the 2 weeks, I have to admit that I did really miss them (don’t tell them though). Anyway, on the day that they were to return I got a very strange phone call from my dad asking what my favourite perfume was. I used to be such a big lover of the Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler, but I feel as if I’ve grown out of it a bit now and its quite heavy for summer so I was ready for a change. Therefore I asked my dad for a surprise (dangerous).

What I was presented with when they returned was this lovely little perfume by Emporio Armani. How surprised/ thrilled was I? Of course I got this out immediately and sprayed it and immediately fell in love with the smell; it is truly amazing.

The scent itself is light and fresh and quite floral in its undertones. It remindes me sort of driving past a flowery field, where you just get that really light hit of floral but its not like you’ve dunked your head in a flower garden.

The packaging is just stunning – there really is no other way to describe it. A beautiful diamond design with a silver spray lid and a pink tint to the bottle. For my really nice perfumes (like this) I like to keep my bottles in the actual packaging to keep it as fresh as possible. This packaging is beautiful as well, with a pink box with diamanté features.

This fragrance is perfect for both every day as its quite light, and night time because the scent is just beautiful. The scent also has such a long staying power, it is definitely worth the price. I have a feeling that when this bottle eventually runs out I will have to dip into my savings and purchase another bottle.

So there’s my little review of Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you ever used this perfume? Let me know what your favourite perfume is in the comments!!

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    1. I've never heard of that before - what kind of scent is it??xx