Friday, 14 August 2015

Garnier BB Cream in Light

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a little review of this little lovely by Garnier – their BB Cream in the colour Light! Keep reading for my thoughts on this lovely little piece.

So the reason that I originally bought this was from seeing it on various youtuber’s channels. I am not a big BB Cream lover in general so have tried to stay away from them – they just never seemed to suit my skin type and went all patchy before the day was over. That and they never actually match my skin tone.

But anyway, I’d seen this being used in loads of different places, so while I was out shopping I nipped one of these into my basket.

This product claims to have 5 main features; to even your skin tone and boost its natural glow, blur your imperfections and even out fine lines. It also claims to give your skin 24 hour moisture while protecting your skin by including an SPF15. There are loads of statistics on the Garnier website on how exactly it works and if people agreed (the huge majority did).

I just bought the original BB Cream in the colour light, but this also comes in a medium shade. To be honest, the light one is still pretty dark on me (boo) so if Garnier want to bring out a “Very light for people that are practically see through” like myself – it would be greatly appreciated.

Other products in the Garnier BB Cream range include; An oil-free version, Sensitive Skin Version and an Anti-Ageing version. Under the whole umbrella there is also a BB Cream Eye Roll on too, which looks pretty cool.

Onto what I actually thought of this product. When I first used this I really didn’t like it because the colour was way too dark for me. But then I tried using it as I would a moisturiser rather than a foundation, and when I only used a little bit of this product my skin actually looked so much better than when I put a big old blob on. I found that dotting it around my face and then blending it in like I would do with a moisturiser rather than putting a blob on my hand and putting it on that way seemed to work so much better – because I wasn’t desperate to use the rest of the blob – if that makes sense?

The coverage is what you would completely expect with a BB Cream, very very light. On the plus side it is buildable. On the downside when you build up the coverage it does go slightly orange.

I have to say though that since I’ve been using this BB Cream my skin feels so much better. I think wearing a heavy foundation all the time, especially in summer when my pores are more open, is just so bad for my skin, and causes me to have so many more breakouts. I think this BB Cream is that perfect in-between, for people like me that really don’t want to go barefaced but don’t want to put loads of foundation on.

I wont say that this has completely made my foundation redundant because honestly it hasn’t, on the odd day if I need a little more coverage I will still reach for that little glass bottle. But for days where I’m just bumming around the house or doing odd jobs this suits my needs perfectly.

Overall, I really like this product. It’s not necessarily a staple (yet) and I wont say that it has converted me completely to using BB Creams, but for that nice in between full and no coverage, this is definitely a winner.

 So there's my little review on Garnier's BB Cream in Light - I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Have you used this before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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