Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hello August!

Well I cannot believe that we are into August already – this is mad! The year has gone so unbelievably fast, it feels like it’s been 5 minutes since I started this little blog and it’s already been 7 months.

Being completely honest, I feel as if I haven’t put as much into my blog as I could have. I mean I post every week and promote my posts as much as I can, but in terms of actually producing content I feel like I haven’t put all that I could’ve in (probably a bit of bloggers guilty but oh well).

To make myself feel a bit better and hopefully inspire myself to get back into blogging some great content more often I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge, can I blog every day throughout August?

I’ll be blogging a bit of a mixture of Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle posts which (I hope) will be something a bit more interesting to read!

Check back in with my blog everyday to (hopefully) see something new, I hope I can do it!!

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