Sunday, 30 August 2015

Little Rimmel Nail Varnish Haul

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would write a little post about these little beauties I bought recently from Rimmel. Keep reading to see my thoughts.

So my nails are something that I have been trying so hard recently to help. I’m usually so on it with wearing my make up and doing my hair etc., but my nails just don’t seem to be something that I can get on top of. My step mum and stepsister however are so on it with their nails. It is literally so annoying.

To help myself with this though I thought that I would try and buy myself some nice coloured nail varnish. You know, to inspire myself.

I bought four colours, all from Rimmel. I bought two that are a part of the Rita Ora range, and two that are part of the 60 seconds drying nail varnish collection (because then really – what’s my excuse?)

The colours that I bought are; Pillow Talk, which is a lovely Duck Egg Blue colour; Neon Fest, which is a really lovely hot neon pink; Bestival Blue, which is more of a brighter blue colour; and finally Love Your Lingerie, which is such a stunning nude pink colour.

Currently I have only tried out Love Your Lingerie, but it seemed to stick to the 60 second drying time – it literally dried on my nails near enough by the time I had finished applying that hand. I feel like the varnishes would need a top coat however, because I went out today with the colour on and it has already started to chip, which is not ideal.

Overall, for the price I think these are some really cute little nail varnishes. They are perfect for summer wear and are so easy to apply. It might be worth investing in a topcoat however, just to be sure!

So there’s my little nail varnish haul – I hope you enjoyed reading!

What’re your favourite summer nail varnishes? Let me know in the comments!

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