Saturday, 8 August 2015

My All Time Favourite Films

Hello everyone! So here’s a little secret, I LOVE FILMS. Seriously I watch them all the time, and gaining access to a Netflix has seriously damaged my day because that’s really all I do anymore. But for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration here are some of my all time favourite films.

Lord of The Rings Trilogy
I know, such a nerd right? But at least once a year I sit down and spend a good few days watching the extended versions of these films. For anyone who has been living under a rock and doesn’t really know what these films are – basically Hobbit gets a ring, has to destroy ring, everyone seems to be trying to get ring, basically its all about a ring. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE these films!

The Little Mermaid
I admit it. I love Disney films. I think it’s about time that I admitted this secret, after denying all knowledge for years. When I was far too old to be doing this, I used to make my best friend act out this whole film with me as it was happening on the TV. SO EMBARRASSING. This is just such a feel good film and the music in it just cheers me up immediately.

Pitch Perfect
Oh god I just love this film. When I was coming up with this list I nearly forgot it until one of my flatmates reminded me of how during my first year of university I watched this film nearly every day. It’s just brilliant. Some really funny quotes from this film have slipped into my life, and I honestly think I will never be the same after watching it.

So there’s a little low down of my favourite films. What're your favourite films? Let me know your recommendations in the comments!!


  1. I've been loving the lord of the rings as long as I can remember! Also have a special affinity with Ariel mostly because of my ginger hair <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Ahhh yay it's actually my favourite all time film! Hahah definitely ariel then!xx