Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Favourite Healthy Green Smoothie

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be chatting about something that I absolutely love – my green smoothie! I love drinking smoothies; they’re such a great way of picking up your day and getting in your fruit and veg. I usually try to have 3 or 4 smoothies in a week, but if I’m not terribly busy then I will probably have more.

So for my smoothie you will need:

Spinach – this is what gives the smoothie that bright green colour. I love using spinach in smoothies because it is just so good for you; completely jam packed with vitamins and iron. In this smoothie I put about a handful and a half in to make up the main body of the smoothie.

Pineapple – I love using pineapple in smoothies, I think it gives kind of a sweet but tangy flavour to the smoothie. In this smoothie I’m actually using tinned pineapple in juice rather than a fresh pineapple, but that’s just because I’m really lazy when it comes to preparing smoothies. I used about half a tin of this, but I’m guessing it would be about a quarter of a pineapple.

Banana – I feel like bananas go in every smoothie, it just seems to be smoothie law. I put about 2/3 of a banana in this one because I always think that when I put a banana in a smoothie, its all that I can actually taste which irritates me because I may as well have not put anything else in.

Mango – This was a completely rouge move on my part, I just had one in the fridge that was in dire need of eating so I popped half in this smoothie then I will use the other half in another smoothie tomorrow.

Mint – I put mint in so much that I cook – it’s 100% my favourite herb. I just think it makes everything taste so much fresher and nicer. I put about 4 mint leaves in this, scrunched up so that it releases some of the flavour before it gets all blended up.

Lime – I put about ¼ of this lime in just squeezed over the top of everything just to give it a bit more of a zingy flavour. I love citrus fruits, I’ve been known to just sit and eat lemons because I love the taste, but I didn’t want the lime to be the whole flavour of the smoothie, so about ¼ of a really well squeezed lime should do.

Almond Milk – this is completely optional, I like putting a splash of almond milk into my smoothies because it makes it so much creamier and smoother. My stepsister swears by putting yoghurt in hers though so if you didn’t want to go buy almond milk then vanilla or lemon yoghurt would taste good in this too.

So once I’ve chopped up all my ingredients that need chopping I put it all in my little Blendactive blender bottle. I absolutely love using this Blendactive blender – I recommend it to literally everyone because it just makes life so much easier. It uses the same bottle for blending and drinking, so you save on the washing up of the jug for starters – which is one of the things that deters me from making smoothies – or it used to. It really remindes me of the nutribullet although I’ve never actually used one its what I imagine one to be like. I also really like that if I want to make things like nice cream (blended frozen bananas and flavours) then this can handle it pretty well.

Anyway, enough ranting about my blender. All you do once you have put all the ingredients in is pop on the little blades in the lid, turn it upside down, and blend! It turns this really yummy green colour and it tastes absolutely amazing. The lime and mint combination reminds me sort of like a mojito flavour, which I absolutely love!

So there’s my little smoothie recipe, I hope you enjoyed reading and have got some little tips! Let me know what your favourite smoothies are in the comments!!


  1. wish I could have smoothies but the amount of fruit I like is very limited. Sound so healthy.

    1. Smoothies made with veg are so tasty too :) they're so good!!xx