Monday, 10 August 2015

What I Ate Yesterday

Hello everyone! Today I thought id do a little post about what I ate yesterday – I’ve been seeing these for ages on blogs and on Youtube, so I thought it was my turn to stick my little menu into the pot.


So the first thing that I do every morning is make myself a big old mug of hot water and lemon – or just hot water if I cant be bothered with the lemon. I prefer drinking hot water to cold if I’m honest; I’m not entirely sure why I just think it tastes so much nicer. I do this because when I first wake up I am never hungry and if I force food down I start feeling really sick and just gross all day – so even though I set my alarm that little bit earlier, it is completely worth it. 

About half an hour after I finish my hot water I go to the kitchen and make some breakfast. Usually I try to follow a pretty healthy diet (if I do say so myself) but then I am also such a big believer in following your cravings – I wouldn’t want to deny my body anything! So today it was poached eggs on the menu (that’s kind of healthy, right? I just put them in my little poacher for about 8-10 minutes and toasted some bread and hey presto!

I had to just put in another picture here because I honestly believe that I made the perfect poached egg – you know when you just tap your knife and the yolk goes boom. Yeah. That happened. Boom.

Because it was a Sunday and I was well aware that a roast was coming my way, I kept it pretty light with lunch. Just some soup from Covent Garden in Carrot and Coriander – introduced to me by one of my best friends and has recently become my favourite. I had this with a bagel, because I really like bagels. Bagels are yum.

For a little after lunch snack because lets face it soup and bagel isn’t really a real meal on its own I had a bowl of blackberries. I wont lie, usually I’d just eat these straight out of the packet and not care, but as I was taking pictures of my meals I thought I could at least make the effort to put them in a bowl.

As it was Sunday yesterday – seriously what could be better than having a good old fashioned British Roast Dinner. My dad and step-mum are away for a little bit on a very well deserved holiday (we moved recently and it has been so stressful), but why should that stop the rest of us? On the menu was a huge roast chicken complete with all the trimmings, were talking carrots peas roasties Yorkshire puddings – sprouts even snuck there way in there. An amazing way to end the week.

So there’s my little menu of my Sunday. I hope you enjoyed reading! What’s your favourite way to spend your Sunday? Let me know in the comments!!

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