Monday, 17 August 2015

Wild-Olive Bath Tea Bags

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be chatting about these three little lovely bits from Wild-Olive. Keep reading to here my thoughts on these little products.

Wild-Olive is a family run company based in Derbyshire in England, and uses only natural ingredients in their products. One thing that I really like about this brand is that their products are all safe and chemical free, meaning that they wont harm my skin in any way. They’re also committed to working in a sustainable way, using minimal energy and re-using oddly shaped soaps in the form of other soaps or using them as samples. Pretty cool.

So the reason that I decided to treat myself to these was basically – I had some dental work done and was feeling particularly sorry for myself and these caught my eye. I’ve heard of using a tea strainer for actual bath salts – from the Body Shop – but never actually seen real life tea bags that you put in your bath. I thought it was a bit different so I purchased them in three flavours; Mint & White Tea; Rose, Geranium & Green Tea; and finally Mango & Green Tea. The only one that I haven’t tried yet is the mango one, but I have a feeling that it’ll be used pretty soon!

To use these products, all you literally have to do is dunk them in the bath and let them swirl around for a few minutes when your bath is full. After a couple of minutes my bathroom was filled with a lovely aroma coming from these. The Rose, Geranium and Green Tea flavour seemed to be a lot stronger than the Mint and White Tea one.  To be honest though I think I preferred the Mint one because the Rose flavour seemed very overly sweet.

Would I buy these products again? Yeah probably, they’re fun and something a bit different. I think I would try some of the other flavours in the range for sure though.

So there’s my little short piece talking about these bath teas by Wild-Olive. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you ever used tea bags in the bath? Let me know in the comments!

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