Tuesday, 27 October 2015

MUA Haul

Hello everybody! Recently I went into my local Superdrug (which has just had a revamp btw) to buy some hair dye. In typical me style I didn't buy my hair dye (my overhaul will have to wait again) but I did come out with quite a bit of new make up by MUA. Keep reading to see what I purchased.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility, Lip Pencil in Nougat  

Brow Duo in Medium Brown

Blusher in Lolly 

Colour Correction Concealer Palette

The first thing that I picked up is this matte gloss from the MUA Luxe range in the colour Tranquility. I’ve completely missed the Kylie Jenner lips obsession (bad blogger) but I have been looking for a good nude for a while, so hopefully this fits the bill. I have to admit, when I got home I put this on immediately, and I am so in love with it. I am probably about to sound like the vainest person alive but I keep giving my lips side-glances in the mirror. I never thought this colour would suit me, but how wrong I was.

The next thing that I picked up was this lip pencil in the colour Nougat. I bought this to go with my matte gloss, but as the colour is just slightly browner, I'll have to be super light on the application. The colour payoff is so good on this pencil too, and feels like such a creamy formula when applying.

After, I headed to the face section, where I picked up this colour correction palette. Now I know these have been around for so long - one of my earliest memories is asking my mum why she was putting green cream on her face - but they seem to have really increased in popularity recently. Anyone that's not aware of the colours and their jobs – the purple shade Illuminates and disguises more yellow undertones; the green reduces redness; yellow brightens and conceals more purple tones and the peach is meant to add radiance. Then what’s a little bit different about this palette is it includes a highlight colour that is in the middle.

I next picked up this lovely little blush - which by the way was only £1. I bought this lovely pinky peach shade for that lovely fresh pop of colour - this one is in the shade Lolly. I’ve had a little test of this blush so far – and for £1 I cannot describe how good the colour payoff is. It has a pinky tone to it, which will look so pretty and natural on the cheeks.

The final but that I picked up from the MUA stand is this brow duo in the shade medium brown. I've used my fair share of brow products, but I haven't really seen anything like this before - on one side is the brow crayon that I am such a massive fan of, and on the other side an absolutely stunning highlight crayon in this pearly pink shade which will look so pretty on the brow bone.

When I got to the till in Superdrug and purchased all my items, the lovely guy behind the till also gave me this free bag from Superdrug – which says “That Party Feeling”. I don’t really have much use for these, but it’ll be useful for bringing things from one house to the other!

So there’s my little haul from MUA in Superdrug, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you ever bought anything from MUA before? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. the lip liner is the most perfect colour ever, goes with so many different nudes x