Wednesday, 4 November 2015

MAC Prep and Prime

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about this little BB Cream compact by MAC. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this little product.

So this is a BB Cream by MAC, but what I love about this is that it’s in the form of a compact. On the Mac website it’s down in the Primer category, but honestly I’ve been using it as more of a foundation but that has a light coverage!

So the first thing that attracted me to buy this is actually the box (how sad). But in my defence it is so cute, it’s kind of like the normal MAC packaging, but it’s in more of a holographic/sparkly black look. How cool! Inside the box is the compact, and which also includes a little sponge and mirror. One thing I would say is that between the sponge and the product is a little protector – KEEP THIS ON. Otherwise the sponge will get all gross and then it just won’t be worth having!

MAC says that this is a “solid cream formula” that has quite a few uses, including perfecting, protecting, evening out and illuminating the complexion. It has a creamy texture and has pearl pigments in the formula, with an added SPF for extra protection.

Personally I quite like this BB cream. It’s a very light coverage, but I will say that you can definitely build up the coverage. I wore these loads on holiday actually, because my skin wasn’t great, but I didn’t want to go completely bare! Then the added SPF was an added bonus, so even though I did put sun cream underneath, I didn’t feel the need to constantly reapply.

Looking on the MAC website, there are so many shades for this BB Cream, so they will literally cater for every skin tone. I have the colour in Extra Light (typical), and I feel like this suits my skin tone perfectly. I think the texture of this BB Cream is lovely, it’s really creamy, and doesn’t feel heavy at all!

The lasting power of this BB Cream is actually so good, I wore this all day on holiday (and it was really hot), and it did stay on all day. And I didn’t burn. Win.

Regarding the value for money, I would say really think about this before you buy it and definitely go get matched and wear it all day before you buy it. I do love this and the formula really works for my skin type, and me but it is £25, and that is a lot of money to spend on a whim.

I’ll definitely keep using this little compact, especially on the days where my skin is looking good. I wont go and say it’s my favorite foundation ever, but I do really really like it!

So there’s my little review of the MAC Prep and Prime BB Cream Compact, I hope you have enjoyed reading!

Have you ever used this before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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