Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kiss Clay Time Purifying Face Mask Review | Blogmas Day 1

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be chatting about this little face Mask by Kiss from Wilkinson’s. Keep reading to hear my thoughts!

So the other day I was doing a bit of a shop in town and headed into my local Wilkinson’s. I’ve talked about this shop so much on my blog, because frankly, I’m a poor student with a makeup addiction, so Wilkinson’s is literally my favourite place. I’ve tried a bit of their own brand skincare before, but never anything from their Kiss range, so I thought that this clay face mask was the perfect place to start!

Opening up this pot, the mask is a pinkish colour with a very thick consistency. It kind of smells like strawberries? But not strawberries – I’m really awful at describing smells…

The directions say to massage the mask onto the skin, paying attention to the more problem/larger pore areas. Then to leave on for about 5 minutes or 15 if you want a really deep skin cleanse. Rinse well, then moisturise.

I put this mask on for about 15 minutes, then washed it off with warm water and a flannel. I have to say, that this mask has left my skin feeling absolutely amazing. It felt so soft but at the same time really really clean. I followed up with some coconut oil to moisturise (I bloody love this stuff), then went to bed feeling all refreshed.

Overall for the price – I think it was about £2 - I would definitely recommend this face mask for a quick cheap treat. I wont lie it doesn’t rival that of Origins, but I definitely wouldn’t throw it out of the running. My skin definitely looks brighter and feels much cleaner.

So there’s my quick review of the Kiss Clay Time Purifying Face Mask, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

What’s your favourite face mask? Let me know in the comments!

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