Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Purple Eye Look | Blogmas Day 2

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing a look with you created from this Palette by Collection – their Work the Colour palette in purple! Keep reading to see how I created this look.

So I bought this palette in preparation for Halloween I wont lie. I planned on doing a purple Cheshire cat look, but instead I went with a werewolf. So I decided instead as I’ve never used purples on my eyes before to do a bit of a smokey eye using these colours.

What’s different about this palette is that it gives you a little step-by-step guide to creating a smokey eye with the shades included. For the price of this palette I have to say that the shadows are pretty pigmented – probably not the best I wont lie – but I mean they’re okay.

In this makeup look I’m using my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in the colour Ivory. Then, due to my face deciding to give me a couple of big old spots, I’m using my MUA colour correction concealer in the green shade to get rid of some of the redness on this small foundation brush.

Then on a flat brush I’m taking the middle number 3 shade and patting it all over my eyelid. I had to do this a couple of time to really build up the colour but then when then it’s a really pretty deep purple. Then on a blending brush I’m just taking a little bit of the bottom 3 shade and blending it through the crease. While the middle shade is a rich purple, the bottom shade is more of an ashy purple shade, which just added a bit of depth into the crease. Finally for the eye shadow, I took the top 1 shade, which is a matte creamy white, and added it into the inner corner of my eye to brighten things up a bit.       

Then I’m taking my Seventeen High Drama eyeliner and taking a really thin line along the lash line, to make my eyelashes look a little thicker. I’m then taking my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Lifting Mascara and applying it to make my eyelashes look longer and fuller. Then I'm just filling in my brows with my MUA Powerbrow Duo, my absolute go to brow crayon.

Keeping the rest of the face really simple, I’m just taking my matte bronzer shade from my Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar, and just sweeping it along my cheekbones and across my temple. On my lips I’m keeping it really simple, just using my Essence XXXL Nude Lip-gloss in the colour Taste the Sweets.

Overall, I think this palette is okay, but I would say that in order to get a lot of colour you do have to really pack the eye shadow on. I do quite like the colours in the palette however once you’ve got them intense enough!

So there’s my makeup look using the Collection Work the Colour Purple Palette, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

What’s your favourite eye shadow palette? Let me know in the comments!

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