Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter Skincare | Blogmas Day 3

Hello everyone! As it is (clearly) December and many countries are in full on cold winter (like the UK especially in Newcastle) – I thought I would write a little post about the skincare that I use to keep my skin feeling fab. Keep reading to see what I do.

So the first thing that I do in the morning is use my Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Cleansing Oil. As it’s winter I like to use a lot more products that have a more moisturising feel to it – rather than something like my Micellar water that I use in the summer time. I just use this on a clean cotton pad and sweep it over my face really quickly.

Then if I have time in the morning I will use my Elemis Peachy Perfect Face Wash that I featured in my Elemis Fresh Skincare Post recently. This just leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh for the day.

In the morning, I’ll then take a little bit of my Coconut oil (like a tiny tiny bit) and use it as a moisturiser. I really like using coconut oil, especially because it’s so cold outside at the minute, I feel like it really protects my skin from the weather under my makeup.

Then once I get home in the evening, ill use my Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Cleansing Oil again just to take my makeup off.

So one of my favourite things that I’ve bought recently is this face brush from Marks and Spencers’ Formula range – it is so cool. I really wanted to try the Clarasonic ones – but realistically I just will not be able to afford one right now, so this one that only costs £22 is perfect for me. I tend to only use it on the low setting just because I have quite delicate skin and I don’t want to over do it!

On my face brush I will just use my Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. Again I just really like using this cleanser in the wintertime, just because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised, but at the same time really clean. On the face brush it’s probably better to use something that is really cleansing with a tiny bit of an exfoliator because the brush gives such a deep cleanse.

Finally just before I go to sleep, I will just put on a little bit of my Elemis Dreamy Skin Moisturiser that was again in my Elemis Fresh Skincare post. I love this it is such a nice night cream. One thing that I really love about it is that although it does give a really deep moisturise, it doesn’t feel too greasy or heavy on my skin, so I can literally go to sleep not long after I’ve put it on and not feel like its going to get all over my pillows or anything.

So there’s a little low down of the skincare that I use in wintertime – I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading!

What’s your winter skincare saviour? Let me know in the comments.

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