Sunday, 19 February 2017

Where the hell have you been?

So… it’s been a while!

I’m going to preface this right now – I have no excuses. No drama, no sob story, nothing particularly exciting to be honest, but I’ve been out the picture.

When I stopped blogging I was in the middle of my third year at uni, and told myself I was just taking a break to get through my exams. That break has now taken a year… Oops!

I won’t lie – as I’m sat here writing this on a Saturday morning with a HUGE cup of tea – opening up this word document and writing that first line is pretty scary.

But rest assured, I am back (hopefully) for good.

So what have I done in this “quick” break?


I graduated from Uni!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved being at university, and living in Newcastle I had the best three years. The friends that I have are honestly the best people that I know and I love them so much (vom). But let me tell you, university is so freaking hard. I really struggled with my course; I never should have started it to be honest, because it just didn’t suit me. It was thr ultimate round peg, square hole (is that the right way round?), and dragging myself through those final few months brought out something that I will hopefully never see in myself again. Despite the actual course, I somehow managed to graduate with an (ok) degree, and walking across the stage has to be the proudest that I have ever been of myself.

I moved back to Leeds.

Yep. That’s right. I’m one of those.

I am one of those many many graduates that waxed lyrical about how I was going to be the exception. The one that could make it without my parent’s help. That could go straight from university into a well paying job/ on a plane to go travelling, without so much as a second thought, let alone a positive bank balance.

Who was I kidding?

Living on your own is really expensive, and although living on a diet of cheese toasties, tesco’s Spanish rosé, and 3am Mcdonalds might sound cost effective (maybe), it’s surprisingly draining on your bank account. Luckily my parents are absolutely amazing, and are letting me have my old room for the foreseeable, pretty much while I get my sh*t together.

I have a job.

A real life job!

I have to say, when I graduated in the summer and moved back home, it was one of the lowest points that I have ever felt. This might be the ultimate grass is always greener, but living at home, no job, watching tv all day, was awful. I’m naturally a busy person, and going from having my whole life in Newcastle, a city where there is always so much to do, surrounded by the same friends I’d lived with and relied on for the last 3 years, squeezing the last pennies out of my overdraft; to a tiny village in outer Leeds, no job, friends that were working (feel guilty for being a member of society becks), and the high point of my day being the shower I would take between Loose Women and Bargain Hunt. There’s no comparison really is there.

But after (a lot) of tough love from myself (and my parents giving me a kick up the arse) I managed to eventually secure a job. Actually I think I had about 3 at one point, one extreme to the other!

So there’s a little round up of the last year, I’m sure other things have gone on but I’ll let you know about those when I remember…

Let’s not leave it so long next time.


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  1. How I understand you.. ;)Studying is not easy. However, I think not the actual studying is hard (ok, sometimes it is :D) but keeping your life together while stuying is even harder. As you said, finances, finances.. at one point you are just done with student food :D Here in Latvia it is macaroni with cheese and sausages. :D And the pressure to get a GOOD job right after graduating. Some do it, some don't. No shame moving back to parents house. ;) But congrats on your real life job :) and have fun living the 'not so fun :D' grownup life! :)
    Best wishes,