Monday, 12 June 2017

Morphe 350M Palette

Hi Guys! Today’s post is going to be a quickie about a this little lovely from Morphe Brushes. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this palette.

So being the cool skinned, blue eyed gal that I am, finding eye shadows that A) make my eyes actually look blue, and B) Don’t make me look like Wednesday Adams, is actually harder than you think. As summer is coming up and lets face it – I need to start making an effort again (sorry guys) – I decided to look to Cult Beauty, and landed on this gorgeous palette.

I mean look at it!

From every perspective I think this palette is a winner. Colour range is good, mostly warm tones (good to contrast with cool skin), but has a really good range from the more basic browns and nude colours, to brighter more vibrant reds and oranges for days where you feel like mixing it up. In terms of price, this palette cost around £23, which although it’s at the higher end of what I would want to be paying, when you consider that you get 35 shadows, I think it’s actually a pretty good deal. Since buying and immediately taking photos of the palette (blogger probs), I’ve played around with some of the colours. Really it depends on the individual shadow. Some of the shadows eg the white shadow top left, are a little bit dusty and you need to pack it on a few times before you really notice it, but on the whole I have to say that the colour payoff in general is so so good.

Have you ever used this palette? What’s your favourite palette for a summer look? Let me know in the comments!

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