Sunday, 3 September 2017

Latest In Beauty X Beauty and the Beast

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be doing a little unboxing/review of possibly the most gorgeous beauty box I have ever seen. Keep reading to see my thoughts... 

So when I get a bit itchy to buy some new beauty bits, the first thing I always do is look for a beauty box. I've written posts about them before - I think they're the best way to look at new brands and products that you wouldn't otherwise try. The thing that does put me off sometimes though is the usually unexpected nature of them (so I usually wait a few days for the reviews to come out before I buy!!). On latest in beauty though you always know what's coming in your box with their special occasion edit boxes. 

When I saw this I literally did a big old gasp. Like look at the packaging. It is just beautiful. Belle was always a Disney character I could identify with, being a self confessed bookworm, and this beauty box just encapsulates the film perfectly. 

Inside is a selection of goodies from brands such as Oribe, Burts bees and more. One thing that I love about this box is that they've really taken time and thought about what would work with the film. Everything in here is either rose scented, or aimed to give you belles perfect skin and hair, even down to the lipstick that you know that Belle definitely has in her collection. Even down to the detail of the rose on the mirror. It is actually just perfect. 

This little beauty is from Latest in Beauty and is available on their website now for £15 - which is an absolute steal. Honestly I would definitely say if you haven't bought this - get your card out now and go get it. It is 100% worth it. 

What's your favourite beauty box? Would you buy this? Let me know in the comments!

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